Membership Agreement
Online services provided by Chun Shin Ltd., including test registration and book sales, are available to all those who successfully sign up as a member. The following terms are designed to protect the interests of the service provider as well as those of all users. This agreement governs the relationship between users and the service provider. Users who have completed the registration procedure or have started to use membership services provided by Chun Shin Ltd. will be considered aware of and fully agreeing to all of the following terms:

Agreement on the use of test taker's personal data
  1. The data I provide upon registration (including Chinese name, Chinese name in Pinyin, sex, nationality, ID number, birth date, telephone number, mobile phone number, mailing address, email, employment status, current or former department and college, year and class, student ID number, company name, job title, special conditions, personal photograph and any other data provided in order to attend this test session) may be used by Chun Shin Ltd. for the following purposes only:
    (1) Administering test-related business (including the test, test administration, scoring, score calculation, statistics and research) and sending test materials and related information, study tips and news about activities.
    (2) In the case of group registration by a college, organization, agency or other institution, test takers’ scores and related information can be used by the institution for teaching evaluation, exam administration and HR purposes. I understand that when I register as a member of a group, I authorize Chun Shin Ltd. to provide the institution with my personal data and score report to be used for the above purposes. Without the agreement of a test taker, neither Chun Shin Ltd. nor any teaching institute or group-registration entity shall reveal the personal data it has collected from test takers to any third party or make use of the data for purposes other than the above-mentioned ones.
    (3) I agree that Chun Shin Ltd. is authorized to use the copyright and intellectual property rights of the answer, in an anonymous manner and without disclosing test taker’s identity, for analysis and research, and may transfer this authorization to third parties for academic research.
  2. During the storage period, Chun Shin Ltd. may use the personal data provided within the necessary scope for the above collection and processing purposes; I retain user rights according to the Personal Data Protection Act.
  3. I understand that the testing regulations will be strictly enforced, and I will carefully read and understand test-related instructions and requirements.
  4. The personal data I provide is true and contains no untrue information or attempt to withhold information. If it is reported or found by Chun Shin Ltd. to be false, forged, or misusing other peoples’ identity, Chun Shin Ltd. is authorized to cancel my registration for the current test, cancel the scores of the current test and ban me from future tests.
  5. I understand that I must fill in all personal and other data required on the registration form, and that I cannot complete the registration if any item is left out.
  6. According to the Personal Data Protection Act, I may inquire, request a copy, supplement or rectify, demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use, and demand the deletion of my personal data. However, Chun Shin Ltd. may refuse the above requests if they interfere with the performance of its duties and business. Should I incur damages by exercising above rights, Chun Shin Ltd. will not be liable.
  7. Test takers under 20 years of age, i.e. minors according to civil law, who wish to register for this test need the consent of a legal custodian and must ask the legal custodian to confirm their agreement after reading the statement carefully.