Membership Agreement
Services provided by Chun Shin Limited, including test registration and book sales, are available to all those who successfully sign up as a member. The following provisions are designed to protect the interests of the service provider as well as those of all users. This agreement governs the relationship between users and the service provider. Users who have completed the registration procedure or have started to use membership services provided by Chun Shin Limited will be seen as aware of and fully agreeing to all the following provisions:

Agreement on the Use of Test Takers’ Personal Data
  1. I understand that if the personal information I provide is found, via an informer’s report or by Chun Shin Limited’s examination, to be false, forged, or misusing other peoples’ identity, Chun Shin Limited is authorized to cancel the scores of the current test and ban me from future tests.
  2. I understand that I must fill in all the information required for taking the test, and that I cannot finish the registration process if any field is left blank.
  3. I understand that when I take the test as a group member of a college or government agency, Chun Shin Limited as ETS Taiwan representative is allowed to use the test results of all group members for statistical analysis and research. My test results and personal information can only be used by myself and by the institution I registered under for English teaching evaluation purposes. Results of group test takers registering via a government agency can be used by the agency for human resource management based on the CEF (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Other than for the above-mentioned uses, unless I give my personal approval, Chun Shin Limited shall not reveal my test results or personal information to a third party or use them in any other way. I understand that when I sign up for the test as an individual test taker (including those referred through private education institutes), Chun Shin Limited is allowed to use my test results for statistical analysis and research. However, my test results and personal information shall not be revealed to any school, agency, institution, organization, or third party without my approval.
  4. I understand that the registration data provided by a test taker (Chinese name, Chinese name in Pinyin, sex, nationality, ID number, birth date, telephone number, mobile phone number, mailing address, email, employment status, current or former department and college, year and class, student ID number, company name, job title, special conditions, special treatment for members of socially vulnerable groups, and personal photograph) will only be used by Chun Shin Limited for the following purposes:
    (1) Administering the tests, sending test materials and related information to the test taker, and calculating test statistics.
    (2) In the case of group registration by a college or other institution, test takers’ scores and related information can be used by the institution for teaching evaluation and exam administration. Without the personal agreement of a test taker, neither Chun Shin Limited nor any education institute or group registration entity shall reveal to any third parties the personal data it has collected from test takers or make use of these data for other purposes than the above-mentioned ones.
    (3) In the case of group registration by a government agency, test takers’ information may be used for exam administration; scores may be used for human resource management.